Fundamental issues in nanomaterials:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BACK

The fundamental issues in this domain of nanomaterials are:

(1) ability to control the scale (size) of the system,

(2) ability to obtain the required composition -not just the average composition –

     but details such as defects, concentration gradients, etc.,

(3) ability to control the modulation dimensionality,

(4) during the assembly of the nano-sized building blocks, one should be able to

     Control the extent of the interaction between the building blocks as well as the   

     Architecture of the material itself.


More specifically the following issues have to be considered for the future development of nanomaterials:


• Development of synthesis and/or fabrication methods for raw materials

  (powders) as well as for the nanostructured materials.

• Better understanding of the influence of the size of building blocks in nano

  structured materials as well as the influence of microstructure on the physical,

  chemical and mechanical properties of this material.

• Better understanding of the influence of interfaces on the properties of

   nanostructured material.

• Development of concepts for nanostructured materials and in particular their


• Investigation of catalytic applications of mono- and plurimetallic nanomaterials

•Transfer of developed technologies into industrial applications including the

 development of the industrial scale of synthesis methods of nanomaterials and 

  nanostructured systems.