1. ANSWER ALL THE FOLLOWING                                           2X10=20marks


b) Give any two salient points addressed by Feynman?

c) Define nano structured material? Classify nanostructured materials?

d) Define nanocomposite and  Classify nanocomposites?

e) What is the diameter of a bucky ball? How many pentagons and hexagons are   there in a bucky ball?

f) What for MEMS stands for? What are the types of MEMS?

g) What do you mean by characterization related with materials? Give any four tools for characterization of materials?

h) What is the difference between SEM & TEM?

i) Why C-60 molecules are called as bucky balls? Give reasons?

j) What is the name of Pentium-IV processor launched by INTEL in 2004, based on 90nm technology?

ANSWER ANY FOUR OF THE FOLLOWING                           4X10=40marks

2) What are the salient points addressed by Feynman in his lecture “there is

    plenty of room at the bottom”?

3) a) Briefly narrate the history of nanomaterials?

     b) Give some present and future applications of nanomaterials?

4) With a neat skech, explain mechanical milling process for synthesis of

    nano particles? List advantages and disadvantages also?

5) Explain the working of scanning electron microscopy with a neat sketch?

6) a) Define carbon nanotube? What are the types of carbon nanotubes?

   Highlight the properties of carbon nanotubes?

     b) List the the methods for producing carbon nanotubes and explain any  one of the method with a neat sketch?

7) a) Write a short note on microfabrication?

     b) Define MEMS? What are the types and applications of MEMS?

8)  Explain photolithography (optical lithography) with a neat sketch?