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Environmental Sanitation - T. Usha Madhuri, Assistant Professor

Environmental Sanitation




T. Usha Madhuri                                                                                                                                                    Ph : (O)  2840328/329

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Department of Environmental Studies

College of Engineering Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management , Visakhapatnam

(Affiliated to Andhra University)

  Environmental Sanitation


The World Health Organization defines environmental sanitation as “the control of all those factors in man’s physical environment which exercise or may exercise a deleterious effect on his physical development, health and survival.” 

According to I.R.C.(Indian Rural Council), sanitation is “ the management of disposal, treatment and reuse of human excreta, solid wastes and waste water; supported by good hygiene behaviour, in order to ensure environmental conditions in human settlements which promote the well-being and health of the population.”

The living conditions prevalent in a human settlement, whether rural or urban, reflect the health status of its populace. Nearly 80% of India’s population lives in villages: thus for the development and prosperity of our country, the formulation of plans and development programmes should focus on the upliftment of rural masses and make their life, happy and healthy. The rural environmental technology should mainly aim at: improving rural sanitation by providing safe and sufficient water supply and proper carriage and disposal of human excreta and other wastes from village community. "


T Usha Madhuri

Assistant Professor

Department of Environmental Studies

College of Engineering GITAM




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